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FAQs: Living in Latvia during COVID-19

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Living in Sweden during COVID-19

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New website page for Sweden COVID-19 information and links


Latvia: COVID-19 Visa, Healthcare and Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some frequently asked questions about living in Latvia during COVID-19, below.

Updated at 6 May 2020

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Important information for Australians in Latvia seeking to return to Australia

Australians are able to leave Latvia as long as you can show proof of your travel itinerary to return home to Australia.

There are currently limited flights departing Latvia. airBaltic has scheduled flights from Riga to Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Oslo with onward connections to Australia. If you wish to leave, confirm your travel arrangements immediately and contact the Australian Embassy in Stockholm to discuss your opt.

We are recommending that if you’re overseas and wish to return to Australia, that you should do so as soon as possible. The decision to come home or to stay where you are is yours. Every individual will need to consider their own circumstances. Be informed and stay safe.

Please contact us for advice and assistance by calling: 46 8 613 2900, or emailing: [email protected].



Australians visiting Latvia who can’t leave due to the state of emergency, relating to the COVID-19 crisis

Applications for short-term visas are not currently accepted. If your visa for Latvia expires during the state of emergency, Latvian authorities have advised that you will not be penalised. Latvian authorities confirms that  you will be able to leave the country once movement restrictions are lifted. For more information, please contact the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, here.

In accordance with the law passed by the Parliament:

  • During the COVID-19 crisis, Australians can stay in Latvia until the end of the emergency situation even if their visa has expired.
  • Australians do not need to obtain a new visa or apply for an extension.
  • Within 30-days of the Latvian Government lifting the COVID-19 emergency situation, Australians will need to  apply for new visa or leave the country.