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Applying for an Australian Passport

All applications must be lodged in person by appointment only. Ensure that you have all the relevant documents and that you have filled in the form correctly before booking an appointment with us. You can also book a time below to pick up your passport in person.


1. Get the form

  • Find the right application form at and fill it in online. You will need to create an account first.
  • The application will list the information and supporting documents you need.


Which form do I need?


2.  Print, sign and date your form

  • Print: You may need to adjust your print settings so that the top/bottom of the pages are not cut off.
  • Sign: All sections must be signed before your interview. The entire signature must be inside the white box – if the signature is outside of the box there may be issues processing your application.
  • Date: Signatures are valid for six months only. An application signed more than six months ago cannot be accepted. 


3. Photographs and Guarantor

  • We recommend that you have your photos taken by a photographer showing them the photograph guidelines. Photos taken in automatic photo booths will likely be rejected.
  • For Passport Renewal Applications (PC7), you must write your full name in BLOCK LETTERS on the back of one of the photographs. For all Overseas Passport Applications (PC8), a guarantor must sign the application and endorse the back of one photo. 


Who can be a guarantor?


4. Supporting documents

All documents must be original documents. We cannot accept certified copies. Please make sure you carefully read the information about the required supporting documents.

  • If you changed your surname by marriage or reverted to a previous surname because of divorce or death of a spouse please check the information below under "Name change documents" to see which documents are needed for the appointment.


Which documents do I need?     Name change documents


5. Book an appointment for passport interview or to pick up a passport

All adult applications must be lodged in person by appointment only.

  • For child applications, one parent must lodge the application in person. The lodging parent does not have to be Australian.  Children aged 16 and 17 years old must attend the interview accompanied by one parent. Children aged 15 years and younger are not required to attend the interview.
  • COVID-19: For the safety of our staff and visitors, and in accordance with the local regulations, those attending a passport or notarial appointment (6 years or older) will be required to wear a mask throughout the entire visit.


Book an appointment at the Australian Embassy in Stockholm here:

Book an appointment with Australian Embassy Copenhagen using SetMore


OR if you live in Finland, Latvia or Estonia, you can book a passport appointment with one of our Honorary Consuls in Helsinki and Riga. Please arrange an appointment by contacting:


6. Processing time

Passport processing times (after your appointment and the application has been finalised) are currently taking a minimum of 4-6 weeks. Please factor this into your travel plans. To minimise processing time, make sure your application includes everything we need.


7. Passport validity

Ordinary passport (34 pages):

  • 10 - year validity for persons aged 16 and over
  • 5 - year validity for children under 16 years and optional for persons aged 75 years and over

Replacement Passport (34 pages):

  • Only available to overseas applicants with full visa pages or minor damages but more than 2 years validity remaining on their current passport. A replacement passport will be issued with the same expiry date as the passport being replaced. 


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Emergency passports

In special circumstances an emergency passport can be issued to Australian citizens where either they cannot complete all requirements (other than identity, citizenship, and entitlement) for the issue of a full validity passport, or they can complete all requirements but there is an exceptional need to travel urgently.

  • The emergency passport can be issued within 2-3 business days, contains only 4 pages and its validity is usually limited to a period of 7 months as a standard (and up to 12 months in certain circumstances).
  • A full validity passport may be applied for simultaneously, utilising the same application as for the emergency passport. 
  • It is the responsibility of the holder to ensure the travel document is suitable for entry, transit and exit for any ongoing travel including visa requirements.
  • If you need to travel within the next 48 hours, please contact the Australian Embassy Stockholm on +46 8 613 2900.


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